We Support Your Success—Every Step of the Way

Entry Cost: $19,995

Who Are You?

So you're considering The Drug Test Consultant business opportunity. Just who are you?

Based on existing successful DTC associates, you may be:

  • A retiree looking for income to supplement well-deserved leisure time.
  • An ambitious 20-something seeking options other than the corporate track.
  • A single mother creating financial stability for her family.
  • A 20-year Army veteran out to establish a second career.
  • A downsized auto industry professional wanting to take charge of his own future.
  • A husband-and-wife team for whom a home business means more time with the kids.
  • A medical doctor or chiropractor interested in adding revenue streams to an existing practice.
  • A former homeless shelter director desiring challenging ways of repurposing his skill at transforming lives.

In other words, there is no single typical Drug Test Consultant associate. People from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all ethnic groups, all income levels and with many different kinds of education and experience have created financial success and personal satisfaction as DTC associates.

What we have seen is that successful associates possess certain qualities that show up again and again:

  • An ambition to make money-but to do it their own way. They are looking for a business they can shape to their lifestyles, rather than one which turns their lives upside down to fit its demands.
  • A willingness to learn-but at their own pace, building their business in a way that's comfortable and fits the way they see the marketplace in their community.
  • A shrewd eye for a business that creates equity: a strong reputation with solid customer relationships, so the company will have substantial value if they decide to sell it in the future.
  • A desire to build a set of skills and certifications that establish them as true professionals, with the respect and position such professionalism brings.
  • A knack for connecting with people by having frank conversations about what matters to them, rather than hard-selling with canned, high-pressure sales scripts.
  • A hunger for a career that brings something extra, beyond financial reward: making a valuable contribution to businesses and to the quality of life for families in their community. It's what we at DTC call doing good while doing well.
  • A strong work ethic and deep roots in their community, as well as a powerful desire to maximize their potential as business people and entrepreneurs.

If you see something of yourself in these qualities, than as you learn more about the DTC business opportunity, watch for ways that it can fulfill what you are looking for, the ambitions that you have for your own business.

And once you've made the decision to call us, put us to the test: tell us what you need from your ideal career and challenge us to show you how this business can accomplish just that.

We've done it for hundreds of DTC associates around the country. If you see your dreams in what we've described above, we're sure we can do it for you.